What is the answer to financial survival in todays ecomomy

Today the President had a press conference and claimed that we are recovering from this recession faster than the country did from the last one. He said that congress failed to pass the complete jobs bill and that is why we are not recovering as fast. He also said that  it was Congress’ failure to pass that legislation is the reason that we have high unemployment. I find this interesting that The recession and loss of jobs is due to the lack of Government intervention and that we need more legislation to create more jobs. He also made a comment about the private sector has been growing faster than the government. In fact State and local governments are experiencing major cuts and layoffs and the Congress needs to pass legislation to protect the State Workers Jobs. I presume he means another bailout, but is that truly Fiscally responsible. 16 Trillion Dollars in debt and a global economy that is faltering is not the time to increase our debt and devalue our currency.  The president also spoke about the Global economy and how it was faltering as bad if not worse than our own and how we had to support them as well. The statement that they need to bolster their economies and stabilize them like we did was very concerning. We printed money and devalued our currency to “stabilize” ours and look where we are today. While this post is not about opinions of the current administration or congress, it is meant to promote thought. With the Baby Boomers reaching 50 at an increasing rate and the number of jobs being lost to the current work force the possibility of no Government retirement (Social Security) Remaining solvent and the price tag to the future generations climbing to a level that will soon have it more than the GDP and that results in an economic disaster that would be worse than the Great Depression.  We go down and the world sinks as well? That would depend on the  those that seek opportunity in every situation. Did you know that more millionaires are created during a recession? Entrepreneur’s find ways of making  successful ventures where others can not see.Some do start-up businesses marketing a new invention or product, some join existing MLM or Network Marketing businesses, while others Start an online business in the Direct Selling field. Whatever the way, many people are creating a new lifestyle. Some staring part-time while others, it becomes their only income source or replaces their current source.  Have you ever asked yourself, will I have enough money to retire at 65 or will I have to keep working just to survive? Many people do not think that they have what it takes to start a business or to make money from home. What do think about that? I always ask the most important question to the one’s that are “on the fence”, What is your “vision” of your life 5 years from now,10 years from now, or 15 years from now? Most time the answer is the same, “I would like to have more, but I don’t know how to make any more income than I already am.” I have a friend that is always looking at ways to make money and even when he looks at a proven successful Business opportunity, he tears it apart because he has lost his dream. That is correct, His dream . We all have them. Some people call them goals or wishes. Wishes are for Christmas when your children write to Santa Claus, You are never serious about them. A famous saying  i heard once goes like this ” I wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. Dreams and Goals, that is for the more serious crowd. Do you remember the old movie Pinocchio bu Disney? The song “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” has a deeper meaning. What ever you set your mind to you can achieve as long as you believe you can do it.  That is true for everything in Life.  Your Dream is worth doing whatever it takes to get. It is so valuable that you have to protect it from the dream thief’s. The “Negative Ned’s'” The “That won’t work here” neighbor or the relative that tells you that you will never be successful at anything. The Nay Sayers that won’t try to improve themselves so they want to make sure that you do not either. By now  you are asking , Ok How do I succeed and reach my dreams? I will tell you to investigate and study the many opportunities available. Want more information? Check out this Webinar for how to create an Internet Life Style. http://joinmarkandnaiomi.com/?site=Livewebinar&t=A2Pb

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About Mark

I am a child of God. I may not be perfect, I have many faults, but who doesn't. I served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and am still proud of my country. I continued in the medical field when I was Honorably Discharged and have worked as a Nurse until I could no longer practice in 2010 due to health reasons. In 1987, I married my lovely wife Naomi and in 1997, God blessed us with a Son. Both are what I have tried to provide for and make sure that they have everything they need. I have done many other things in my life to make money on the side, but I never did learn the basic and most important steps of being a true Entrepreneur. I believe myself to be an Entrepreneur and know I have discovered the secret to success. It is not overnight and not a "get rich quick" deal. The truth is there is no "get rich quick". I have started on the path to true freedom, if this interest you come join me and we will travel the path to success together.
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