What is the answer to financial survival in todays ecomomy

Today the President had a press conference and claimed that we are recovering from this recession faster than the country did from the last one. He said that congress failed to pass the complete jobs bill and that is why … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers, Are you thinking that the

Baby Boomers, Are you thinking that the government will be able to afford your retirement? Check out this article about the High cost of retiree health care. http://ow.ly/bpKtx

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I was blown away by the facts Take a look at this new business model

I was blown away by the facts Take a look at this new business model. http://ow.ly/b3l2V

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Are you willing to Look at a way to beco

Are you willing to Look at a way to become financially independent? Check this out… http://ow.ly/b3klf

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Call to Action: Come see a proven success

Call to Action: Come see a proven successful business model and decide for yourself if you are willing to commit to your own success. http://ow.ly/b3jVW

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Integrity has no need of rules. – Albert Camus

Integrity has no need of rules. – Albert Camus

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The ratio of “We’s” to “I’s” is th

The ratio of “We’s” to “I’s” is the best indicator of the development of a Team. – Lewis B. Ergen

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I think we all have a little voice inside

I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us if we shut out all the noise and clutter and listen to that voice, it WILL tell us THE RIGHT THING to do. – Christopher Reeve

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The quality of a person’s life is

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, no matter what their chosen field of endeavor. – Vince Lombardi

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At what cost do we strive to not offend?

Today I was informed by a school administrator that the 1st amendment does not apply on school property. The freedom of expression stops at the curb. One is not allowed to “hand out pamphlets with just any kind of Content. If it is deemed “offensive ” is not allowed.

I can understand how we must protect our youth from publications that my incite violence and anarchy, I can also understand that we have to maintain order in schools and protect our children from harmful activities.  Inner city schools have Metal detectors to prevent weapons from being brought into the buildings, yet we still have violence and death by gunfire, stabbings and beatings.  What cost is our freedom to express ourselves? Make gesture with your hands and you can be suspended or expelled! Wear a shirt that has a phrase or sign on it and you can be sent home to change. Yet Dress codes are relaxed to allow some to wear their pants sagging down and almost falling off, Ball caps can be worn backwards , sideways and look ridiculous. But wear an emblem of your faith (a cross) and it must be hidden or removed, because it might offend someone. Wear a r head covering because of your beliefs (non-Christian) and you must be allowed because it would be offensive to a minority and heaven forbid we were to offend someone or violate their right to practice their religion… That is unless you are Christian or Jewish! This has become the age that America has lost touch with what made us great. Am I suggesting that Non-Christians should not be allowed to freely express their beliefs? No. Those who “preach” “Political Correctness” have lost track of what our founders built into the Constitution. The Bill Of rights clearly states what rights “We The People” have. The first Ten amendments are very clear about what the Government is allowed and Prohibited from doing. What Powers The government have and what The rights of the People are.

Let me clarify for all who are confused about this misspoken Phrase “Separation of Church and State“. The constitution of the United States does not say, Let me repeat this, DOES NOT Say that there will be a separation of church and state. What it does say is  “Their shall be no state sponsored religion”! That has a completely different meaning. The truth is very plain, The government shall sponsor nor religion. The Practice of atheism, is a religion. Therefore The government can not say we cannot pray in State buildings because it offends those that do not believe. The word Christmas can’t be said because it would offend the non-christian, Wrong! To call the Christmas Season anything but the Christmas season Offends the Christians. For all you ACLU‘ers out there, wake up and smell the stuff you have been shoveling since the 60’s! Look what has happened when we took GOD out of the public school system! Look what has happened when we disallowed A prayer in the morning to thank God for this country and the freedoms we have enjoyed. Look what has happened when we bent over backwards to not “hurt someone’s feeling’s” and began to make it wrong to say what It is! We have a President that smugly defend themselves by say”It depends upon what the definition of “IS” is?” Be like The Umpire in the Great National Past time” Call it like you see it! One does not have to be derogatory when speaking about poverty.  As a Christian, I understand fully what Jesus said when he Told us that the Poor will always be with us. That does not mean we or they have to resign ourselves to stay poor! Our Forefathers did away with debtors prisons because it was not justified to send someone to prison because they were poor. They did not expect the Federal Government to take care of them Either.  So what does this all have to do with the First amendment rights. Everything! All I have just said is protected by the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of expression, freedom to practice the religion of my choice, where and when I choose. As long as I use common sense and do not do something harmful to the great public such as yell FIRE in a crowed theater just to see a stampede. To the school administer I say this, Check The facts and read the Law you think you were quoting as I believe you will find that you are in error. If not than we have truly began to lose our freedoms and America had better wake up before they are all gone. Our Laws through the ages have been based upon the laws given to us by GOD, Only man has perverted them and written the loopholes into them to be like the high priests of the temple and place themselves above the others. God sees all things and knows our hearts. God is God, The creator of Heaven and all things. By your religion call him by the name he is as a Christian he is the lord, to a Muslim it is Allah, Hebrew is Jehovah. To the agnostic he is the supreme power, to the atheist he does not exist. Woe be those that do not believe for they shall be judged in the final days.

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