Why MLMer’s Stay Broke

The question is “Why MLMer’s Stay Broke?” With the economy tanking the rise in people looking for ways to make money from home has increased significantly since 2007. People are hurting, tired of the “Rat Race“, afraid of layoff’s or just plain underemployed. To many they turn to the direct selling industry and tradition Multi-Level Marketing system. “Why do they do that ? “one may ask. Many different reason can be given. The concept of working part-time from your home and replacing your income, was one I chose back in 1979. I built a traditional MLM or Network Marketing group twice. The first was great and I can say that I almost made it to the first real level of leadership before the leaders disappeared and chaos ensued. I did not quit the opportunity but I like many others ceased actively working it, After getting married and building a new Home I reached out to try to get it started going again. I was “plugged into a new batch of leaders, more energy, more training, more money (out) and same results.

Most new people just starting out, faced the same challenges that everyone faces in the beginning of their journey to success. Fear! Fear of cold contacting strangers, making a list of friends and neighbors, having home parties, going to hotel meetings, presenting the business opportunity to people who may or may not believe it can work, and are like the crabs in the crab bucket that will pull you back down to keep you from getting out. Topped off with continually replacing down lines through the revolving door. Most never quite make it to the secure income and residuals, They burnout from the tiny commission checks and frustration of continual attrition. They begin to look at how much they have invested and what they have in return. Not a pretty site, If they were like me, they practically went under due to poor financial management. They may have been like two new mentors of mine, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin.

Aaron and Sophia had built a large successful organization, but were really not were they wanted to be. Sophia was Pregnant with her second child and was tired of all the same things that I was. Having people parading through their home for meetings practically seven days a week, home parties to sell product, attending hotel meetings, and not getting ahead. They made a decision back in 2008 to look elsewhere. They did not tell anyone what they were doing,  and discovered a new proven, successful, business model of online marketing from home. It was using the internet to generate traffic to a webpage filled with information. From there, the serious person would opt-in ( put their name e-mail address and Phone number in the form and click submit) there by generating a lead. Through a proven system the lead was contacted and if qualified would buy an application. At that point the company assisted Aaron and Sophia to work with the customer, to buy the online product and start their own business. Sophia became a well know expert in lead generation through search engines like Google. In six months they had replaced their MLM income and resigned from the MLM company. Was it all easy? No, as with any industry, the Internet was constantly changing. Google changed it’s rules and many online marketers were “Slapped”( not allowed to advertise). Did this stop the Aaron and Sophia? No, it slowed them down a little, but they learned a valuable lesson that they teach to all who decide to become entrepreneur’s in this business. They have become Master Marketer’s, won many awards and have even been featured in Better Networker Magazine for their accomplishments.

So what does this have to do with why MLMer’s stay broke? Simple, Albert Einstein said If you continue to do the same thing  and expect a different result, you will never achieve it. Aaron and Sophia knew that much, they made a decision to change their life, worked a proven system and became a huge success. Along the way they developed some strategies to help others to do the same. They mastered the basics and moved up to become Marketing Mentors. The company looked at their process and since it was converting higher than any one else, they were asked if they would share it with the rest of the members of the company. Being the kind of people the Raskin’s are, they were very excited to help others achieve their dreams and goals. How do they do it? With lot’s of training, mentoring, coaching and encouragement. With the economy being tanked, As I stated in the beginning, more and more people are looking for ways to get a secure financial future not only for themselves, but for their families as well. How would you like to coached by Mentors who have helped hundred’s of people reach financial freedom?

Are you an entrepreneur in the rough?                 Yes?

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About Mark

I am a child of God. I may not be perfect, I have many faults, but who doesn't. I served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and am still proud of my country. I continued in the medical field when I was Honorably Discharged and have worked as a Nurse until I could no longer practice in 2010 due to health reasons. In 1987, I married my lovely wife Naomi and in 1997, God blessed us with a Son. Both are what I have tried to provide for and make sure that they have everything they need. I have done many other things in my life to make money on the side, but I never did learn the basic and most important steps of being a true Entrepreneur. I believe myself to be an Entrepreneur and know I have discovered the secret to success. It is not overnight and not a "get rich quick" deal. The truth is there is no "get rich quick". I have started on the path to true freedom, if this interest you come join me and we will travel the path to success together.
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